The Truth Is Out There: Celebrating World UFO Day

Mulder, believer. Scully, skeptic. Ever since those iconic FBI agents hit our screens in the 90s, the X-Files have fueled our fascination with the unexplained. And what better day to celebrate the unknown than World UFO Day, happening on July 2nd?

Why Celebrate UFOs?

There are actually two reasons why World UFO Day falls on July 2nd. The first commemorates the Roswell incident of 1947, where a high-altitude balloon crash in New Mexico became a hotbed of UFO rumors (think crashed alien spacecraft and government cover-ups – stuff Mulder would be all over!). The second reason is a nod to reported sightings of UFOs over Washington D.C. in 1952. World UFO Day is a chance for enthusiasts to share their own experiences and keep the conversation about extraterrestrial life alive.

Why is World UFO Day Important?

Whether you’re a believer like Mulder or a skeptic like Scully, World UFO Day is a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the possibility of life beyond our planet. It’s a day to celebrate the thrill of the unknown and the human desire to explore the unexplained.


(Guys, you don’t use an apostrophe for PLURALS!!! I could help you with that, you know?)

It’s #FunFact time!!
It’s just one, but it’s a GOOD one. Did you know that some astronauts have reported seeing UFOs during their missions? While there’s no scientific explanation (yet!), it only adds to the mystery. Mulder would be ecstatic!! And I truly believe it’s true. Many years ago, I interviewed a public figure who said this was true, so…

🍿🎥 What to watch?

Of course, you can’t celebrate World UFO Day without revisiting the classics! Re-watch “The X-Files” and see if you can spot any clues Mulder missed. (Available on Amazon Prime Video)

American Horror Story: Double Feature (season 10.) This season was divided into two parts, and you want to watch Part 2: Death Valley. It’s only four episodes, but they will ABSOLUTELY blow your mind. (Available con Star+)

What to do?

Looking for a road trip in the US? Why don’t you try the “Extraterrestrial Highway Road Trip” from Las Vegas to Death Valley? 😉🚗 check it out by clicking here!

Happy World UFO Day!
Just remember, trust no one (especially those guys in black…), and keep an eye out for flickering lights in the night sky 🌃

– Georgi 💛